Sunday, September 20, 2009

Featured Unreached People Group

Shaikh of Bangladesh

There are 0.00% Christians; they are100% Muslim. There are 131,167,000 Shaikh in Bangladesh. Just think about that for a moment. Over 131 million people with no Christians among them. This is a tragedy. The body of Christ cannot sit back and do nothing!

“Spiritual darkness has prevailed over the land of the Shaikh for many centuries. The real struggle is unseen. Much, much prayer is needed.” -Joshua Project

Yes, please pray! And if at all possible, please give to organizations such as Gospel for Asia who are reaching unreached people groups everyday. Instead of your money going to fund a new sound system (while the old one is still working) at your church or a new fancy building (when the old building is fine), you could be reaching people with the Gospel! You could be having a true eternal impact. Please consider this alternative.

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